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July 2019
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 Basic Equipment and Weapons for sale

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PostSubject: Basic Equipment and Weapons for sale   Basic Equipment and Weapons for sale EmptyWed Jul 06, 2011 6:57 pm

Here are the basic items of a ninja that are for sale, if you want something that isn't here then create it, get it approved and then post it here to be purchased. Also remember you can only hold as many items has you have pouches for them. If you want to purchase any of these items you need to create a topic and then name all the items you want to purchase and how much of each then when a mod or admin can get to it they will take the zen away that you owe and place the items you have just purchased onto your character sheet.

Breath Mask (100 Zen)-The mask allows the ninja to breathe underwater and in harsh air conditions.

File (5 Zen)-A file is normally hidden within the clothing of the ninja, if captured, the file can be withdrawn from its secret location to file and cut through metal.

Hunters Disposal Kit (500 Zen)- Hunter ninja will track down and kill any ninja who commit crimes and flee their village. After killing the criminal, they will dispose of the body to prevent any of the village's secrets from falling into enemy hands.

Mirror (20 Zen)-When the ninja wants to avoid putting themselves directly in the possible line of attack, they can use the mirror to peak around corners to ensure the path is clear.

Radio (40 Zen)- The short range radio is capable of keeping ninja in contact across several miles. The radio can accept multiple frequencies and is activated to talk by pushing a button on the neck attachment.

Range Finder (80 Zen)- The range finder can function both as binoculars and as a means to measure the distance to a target.

Scroll (15 Zen)- Scrolls remain one of the most important pieces of equipment in a ninja's arsenal. Because of their size, multiple scrolls can be carried into battle in the front pouches of a flak jacket or in a pouch. This will save space and not sacrifice a much needed piece of equipment which may be required later. The scroll allows the ninja to summon creatures, people and items to their aid.

Wire (10 Zen)- Wire can be used in several situations. It can allow the ninja to create trip wire explosive traps, it can be used in rappelling, or as a method to tie down and restrict the movement of an opponent. 25ft worth of Wire.

Concealed Mouth Ember (35 Zen)- When going into battle, a ninja may store a small combustible ember in their mouth. The ember must be bitten to be activated. The ninja can then spit the ember at a combustible substance to help ignite it.

Exploding Note (150 Zen)- The exploding note is a piece of parchment paper which has script on it that serves to facilitate its explosive properties. The ninja can attach the note to another object such as a kunai or log. When the note is set it begins a slow burn which results in a large explosion. 15 ft radius.

Exploding Pouch (160 Zen)- A variation on the exploding note, these small pouches can be attached to a target and then explode a few seconds later. 10 ft radius.

Exploding Smoke Grenade (120 Zen)- When the pin is pulled on this grenade, the result is a large explosion and the release of smoke. This allows the ninja to carry out their maneuvers in secret. 30ft radius of smoke.

HyourouGan "Soldier Provision Pills" (300 Zen Each)- When the soldier pill is swallowed, it allows the ninja to fight for several days without rest. The pill is full of proteins and a special stimulant that momentarily increases the ninja's chakra. You gain a boost of 100 Chakra and 50 Stamina and it lasts for 12 of your posts. Once the time has passed you loose what you gained the 100 chakra and 50 stamina, if your limits are reduced to zero you become unconscious.

Kunai (35 Zen)- This throwing knife is one of the common weapons of a ninja. It is often kept in a holster on the leg in a pouch attached to the belt. The Kunai can be used in conjunction with explosive tags and other weapons to form deadly combos.

Makibishi (20 Zen)- This weapon is primarily used during escape, numerous makibishi are thrown on the ground and enemy soldiers will have a difficult time pursuing because the spiked metal can penetrate the sole of the shoe wear. Covers a 10 ft radius.

Senbon "needles" (5 Zen)- The senbon was first used by doctors in acupuncture, it was then adopted by ninja and Hunter-nins to hit points on the body to cause death, deaden limbs or cause their target to fall unconscious.

Shuriken (25 Zen)- Another common weapon, the shuriken is often kept in a holster on the leg or in a pouch attached to the belt.

Windmill Shuriken (155 Zen)- In its folded state, all four arms of the shuriken are folded together. When full unfolded the large shuriken can be thrown through the air causing great damage.

Flack Jacket (200 Zen)- The basic Chuunin and Jounin uniform of Hidden Leaf utilizes all the common features of the ninja outfit. It has front scroll patches on right and left breast and has a zipper up the middle. The back also bears the red swirl insignia. Can hold 25 Items

Leg Pouch (60 Zen)- A Basic leg pouch that has two pouches in it. Can hold an assortment of items. Can hold 15 Items

Back Pack (80 Zen)- A Basic Back Pack to hold your items. Holds 40 Items.
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Basic Equipment and Weapons for sale
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